Find out who the founders are and read the exclusive inside story of my little BROWNIE.

Because #animals. We are animal lovers too.
A portion of the proceeds will go to animal shelters, cat rescues and afford my life of leisure.

Brownie The Cat

As the Purrsident of mylittleBROWNIE and ruler of her purrnation, Brownie takes it upon herself to ensure all meow products and services are of top notch quality. She is also the main meowdel of the company.

Hooman Staff #1

Top slave and Personal Assistant to Brownie. Meowmie aka Hoomom takes care of Brownie's wellbeing to ensure her fluffy tummy belly is fed regularly and most of all, provide pats and massages to keep the Purrsident happy at all times.

Hooman Staff #2

She's Brownie's side-kick and is called upon to appear at the whims and fancies of Brownie's moods. Furrmeow also plays the role of Hoomom when Meowmie is too occupied with Brownie's affairs.

Hooman Staff #3

Unknown. A mysterious figure, said to work through the nights with Brownie who is busy guarding the treasures of her meowpire. Brownie is the only one who has seen the real identity of Meowstery.

Love for a cat...named Brownie

The team at mylittleBROWNIE decided to go into an interview with Brownie the Purrsident to find out more.

Meowstery: How did it all begin, this little brownie thing?

Brownie: mylittleBROWNIE was started in 2013. I was a rescued kitten. Every day, meowmie brought us milk and food and obviously, we gobbled it all up. Delicious really. I mean at that age, anything tasted delicious. She kept telling us how she wished someone would see us and adopt us so we don’t have to lead a stray’s life, but it never came true this wish.

I was pretty awesome as a kitten, roaming the drains all by myself. I was the leader of the clowder. But such happiness didn’t last. One fine day, some cat haters reported us to the authorities for being nuisance and they (the authorities) didn’t hesitate to make a move.

The cat store with a heart

Meowstery: Many fans actually wanted to know how did you get your name, erm…Brownie?

Brownie: I thought you’d never ask! I still find it ridiculous and hard to believe after all these years. How can any mommy simply name your own kid after a cake because I looked like one?! Like she (meowmie) couldn’t come up with something more decent or classy? But oh well, I mean, I do love her, you know? Not gonna disappoint her, so I guess I’ll just put up with it for the rest of my life.

This thing with “my little” in front? Isn’t it obvious? I was still a baby back then.

Meowstery: Why the heart?

Brownie: I would like to see mylittleBROWNIE store as a place of love. Being a rescued cat myself, there’s nothing I want more than seeing poor babies be rescued and rehomed. So I hope more people would come forward to support us in this cause.

The project with claws

Meowstery: My. How did you survive?

Brownie: Meowmie had to act fast or my whole family would be sent to the gallows. Cruel. Those people couldn’t just wait for us to be done with nursing? Geez.

I had a cat mommy and 2 other sisters actually but meowmie wasn’t able to take us all in, so I was the only lucky girl. But it was still a happy ending, my cat mommy and 2 sisters were adopted too afterwards. Couldn’t have asked for more. In one of my #ig posts, I talked a little about it, you can read it from here: https://www.instagram.com/p/BFkmJQZO3mI/

Meowstery: But didn’t you just said your meowmie’s wish didn’t come true?

Brownie: It didn’t. There isn’t such thing as wishing. Don’t wish for someone to make it come true, because you have everything it takes to make it happen. That’s what meowmie did for us, or me, at least.

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